Friend for Good

Our name is inspired by three things. First, building long-term relationships based on understanding and trust. Second, using our experience across all media to create stronger social and emotional connections between organisations and their audiences. And third, the Quaker spirit of community and friendship.

How does this influence what we do?

Don’t worry, we’re not a bunch of hippies. But we do believe that an open, fair and ethical approach to business has social and commercial benefits, whatever the organisation. We aim to do as little harm in the world as possible, but also do as much good with our experience, skills and services as we can. With this simple aim, we have some principles for our business, to guide the way we behave.

For everyone:

We will always be fair, open and transparent.

For our clients:

We hope to become a friend to our clients, and an asset to their business. We believe in the benefits of building close working relationships, so we will provide all means of encouraging this among our people, and we will offer incentives to our clients to encourage closer working practices. We will also support our clients’ corporate responsibility efforts with a reduction in our fees for all comms projects directly related to their CR programmes.

For our community:

As part of the Friend for Good programme, from the end of our first year we aim to donate a proportion of profits to pro-bono comms work, to charities who can benefit from our experience and services.

And for our people:

Friend is founded on the basis of long-term partnership. With our clients, and with our people.