AA Annual Report 2016

The AA is the UK’s leading motoring organisation. Its strength is inextricably linked with its brand and its foundations in 110 years of innovation and service. new era for the company sparked a consumer brand refresh to communicate modernity and dynamism. This new branding was adapted in the 2016 AA Annual Report to help convey a clear strategic journey and communicate short and longer term goals.

The strategic journey  

The report sets out the company’s three strategic priorities. It shows how the journey is progressing and details plans for future years. Strong linkage throughout the report keeps these priorities at the forefront of the reader’s mind.

Strategic detail   

Each of the strategic priorities was given its own spread, setting out key achievements in detail.

Increased detail on Governance

The Governance section was expanded, giving much greater detail on roles, responsibilities and current issues.


The Annual Report was accompanied by a dynamic and easy to use microsite.