AA Annual Report 2017

The AA wanted to show its shareholders that a period of investment in the business is now beginning to create tangible benefits for its customers and employees. In the 2017 AA annual report, Friend helped the company focus on consumer-oriented stories that bring its investment story to life. The report highlights the AA’s people and the successes they are enjoying as a result of recent investments.

A consistent message

We built on last year’s design principles in the annual report. In year two of its plan, the AA was keen to maintain an element of consistency in its communications.

The strategic journey

The report clearly communicates the AA’s progress on its three year strategic journey. Strong linkage throughout the report keeps the strategic priorities front of mind.

Humanising the business

We introduced a highlights spread that gave prominence to the year’s achievements and brought the AA’s people to the fore.

Realising the benefits

Much focus is given to the way in which the three-year strategy and associated investments are benefiting the business. Three double-page spreads are devoted to the strategic achievements of the 2017 financial year.

Added clarity

We worked with the AA to refine and simplify the business model. We also developed marketplace reporting to provide an in-depth yet easily accessible marketplace overview.

Online reporting

The printed annual report was accompanied by a succinct, one-page online report that provided an overview of the year’s performance.