Adnams Annual Report 2016

At the core of Adnams’ company strategy is the belief that doing the right thing is also very good for business. Adnams wanted to show shareholders that this sustainability-focused strategy is integral to the financial success of the business. We utilised the strength of Adnams’ product design to highlight the positive impact of this strategy and celebrate their 2016 achievements.

Celebrating the brand

Part of Adnams’ strategy is to create stronger national brand awareness. Their sponsorship of the boat races features on the cover as one of their key events of the year.

Showcasing success

The annual report presented a chance to show off Adnams’ strong brand style. The Chairman’s Report is preceded by a series
of double-page spreads which focus on Adnams’ big success stories of 2016.

Generating long-term value

A visually engaging fold-out spread shows how sustainable practices are embedded across the business to create Adnams’ award-winning drinks and how the company contributes to the local Suffolk community.

An engaging read

In order to reinforce brand value and better communicate who Adnams are as a company, the strategic report is brought to life with a colourful mix of packaging, brand graphics and imagery taken from Adnams’ Instagram account.