Apax Partners KnowledgeNow 2013

Apax Partners is one of the world’s leading private equity firms. The annual, global Apax Partners KnowledgeNow conference brings together operational specialists and executives from its portfolio companies. The challenges, analysis and solutions discussed are summarized in this Annual Report.

KnowledgeNow conference

Apax Partners’ funds have over 40 national and global businesses in their portfolio, with over 250,000 employees in all parts
of the world.

Maximizing efficiencies of scale and sharing experiences for the benefit of
the whole portfolio, makes significant differences to the performance of the individual businesses and Apax funds
as a whole.

Operational expertise

Apax Partners’ Operational Excellence (OE) team provides expert advice to all portfolio companies. The team’s expertise includes operational finance, online and
e-commerce, personnel, purchasing and IT.

Value added services

This report explains the range of value-adding services available to Apax’s portfolio from both the OE team’s experience, but also through the collective preferred partner programme.

A mix of strategic and operational expertise

The OE team’s experience and knowledge covers all areas of strategy and operations, including finance, data insight, planning,
e-services, IT and purchasing.

This pool of knowledge is shared across the Apax Partners portfolio to drive efficiency and growth.