Apax Partners Sustainability Report

Apax Partners is one of the world’s leading private equity firms. Since 2007, our team has helped Apax Partners develop brand communications. In 2014 we created the first Apax Partners Sustainability Report, bringing the rich Environmental, Social and Governance data from their portfolio companies to life.

Releasing potential… sustainably

The report echoes the firm’s core messaging, placing sustainability at the heart of their investment strategy.

Simple user-led navigation

This digital report uses simple linear navigation to guide the reader through the linear story, but the main menu and cross-page links also allows reader-led discovery.

Data-driven story telling

This report benefitted from the in-depth data capture and analysis undertaken across the Apax Partners portfolio ESG Group. Rich detail is summarized and the redaer can delve deeper into the detail.

Supporting core values

All investment and governance at Apax Partners is underpinned by strong values. The report includes a review of how these values influence both strategic and operational decisions.