Compass The Big Byte

With over 8,000 employees spread over multiple locations across the world, Compass Group is the world’s largest contract food service company. As all were getting completely new technology and software, Friend was asked to create an engaging campaign, demonstrating how the new system would benefit their working lives. Our work received two accolades at the Hermes Creative Awards.


The use of graphically-led animation helped communicate key messages at different stages of the campaign, for example when it was time for data back-up.

Watch the animation here or view more of our Compass animation work.

Step-by-step guide

To help prevent people feeling intimidated, we created a user-friendly guide that was distributed across the organisation.


Calling cards

A range of ‘help cards’ encouraged people – especially early adopters – to share their skills, experiences and the practicalities involved in using the new system.

Awareness campaign

Awareness was built using the Big Byte theme through a range of teaser applications, which were explicit about the change in IT and smarter ways of working.