EVCA investment reports

The EVCA represents the private equity industry across Europe. Delivered as an universal e-format for computer, mobile, tablet and app, the 2013 Venture Capital report explains why now is a good time to invest in Europe, and the
Mid-market report analyses the investment case in this sector.

Why invest in Europe now?

This report sets out a compelling case for looking at investing in Europe.

Rich-media content

Dynamic interactive content, charts and rich-media video adds depth to the narrative, and maximizes the investment in this content.

Embedded video

By embedding the video into the report the reader benefits from a seamlessly told story that connects with the text narrative.

Applied to apps

This report will be complemented by a free app version across all common mobile devices (coming soon).

Universally viewable interactivity

This format was developed to be deliverable from a single source as a printed report, and in digital format with full interactivity, and video content playable across all common devices.