EVCA publications

The EVCA represents the Private Equity industry across Europe. One of its primary roles is to inform and advise stakeholders on European regulations. From a disparate set of white papers on the implications of new AIFMD regulations, we supported the EVCA in that aim, creating a coherent suite of complementary documents that continue to build consistency across the organisation’s branding.

Coherence and clarity

This suite of reports about AIFMD regulations provide comprehensive and complementary information about the implications of new regulations.
The design creates a clear family of guides that complement each other, and adopt the core branding principles we are working with the EVCA team to build.

Simple, easy-to-use navigation

The reports carry dense, often complex information, and are often aimed at both legal specialists and non-specialist audiences.
To aid the reader, we introduced simple navigation and section signposting to help find a way around the material.

Interactive formats

All reports are created using our single-source approach. This means that while the reports are being printed the fully interactive device-universal version is also being built.

Flexible template format

To enable the EVCA team to manage the creation of their Policy advice materials more efficiently, we also created ‘templated’ formats that give the team the tools they need to maintain consistency within this suite of documents and with the EVCA brand.