Galliford Try Annual Report 2016

With a business that spans complementary markets, Galliford Try wanted to improve its reporting style in order to communicate its unique business strategy to investors. In the 2016 Galliford Try Annual Report, Friend introduced a new value creation model and linked this to the existing business model. We also improved the design and flow of the report and developed stronger linkages throughout.

Easy-access information

In response to the client’s need for clarity, Friend introduced a new value creation model and linked this to Galliford Try’s existing business model. We introduced
a fast read overview of the business on a fold-out cover flap.

Creating a cohesive report

Through clear signposting, we created strong links between Galliford Try’s strategic priorities and value creation model across each of its three businesses.

Improving reporting practice

Working on improving Galliford Try’s wider reporting strategy, we helped to improve the communication of its sustainability strategy in the Annual Report.

Comprehensive reporting

(Left) In addition to the group’s overall strategy, each of the Galliford Try businesses is reviewed in detail in the report, highlighting recent projects and award wins.

(Right) We introduced a value creation model to go hand-in-hand with the business model, demonstrating how the group’s businesses work together to achieve disciplined and sustainable growth and, therefore, value for stakeholders.