Generation website

Generation Investment Management is a pioneering asset management firm led by Al Gore and David Blood and specialising in long-term, sustainable investing. Generation wanted a website that brought its impressive mission-led organisation to life. We structured, designed and built a new website and associated suite of communications materials.

Designing the new website 

Generation Investment Management is a pioneer in the field of sustainable investing. They wanted to produce a website and other communications materials that clearly communicated the firm’s long-term leadership in sustainable investing.

Generation’s previous website was out of date. We helped restructure the content to enable the Generation story to resonate. We also helped bring the content to life by creating a bold new style that reflects the company’s ethos of sustainable investing.

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The Foundation site  

We designed and built a new website for The Generation Foundation, the advocacy initiative funded by the profits of Generation Investment Management.

To view the website, please go to

The essence of Generation Investment Management in animation

Asset management can seem a dry and impersonal business. We created an animation that brings the guiding purpose of Generation to life and provides a tool that quickly and easily communicates its uniqueness.

Watch the full animation story on our Vimeo page, or visit