GSK Annual Report 2016

We produced the 2016 GSK Annual Report and Responsible Business Supplement. GSK wanted to offer investors a clearer, more engaging insight into their progress during the year. To achieve this, Friend advised on best-practice content, and utilised the existing brand identity to refresh the look and feel of the reports and bring the GSK story to life.

An engaging report

Messaging throughout the report was bold and punchy, while striking case studies highlighted some of their key stories.

A stronger business model 

We worked with GSK to come up with a fresh take on their business model description, showing how R&D underpins their businesses, and how they create value for their different stakeholders.

Connected content

This year’s annual report adopted a graphical approach that helped to connect key pieces of content through the report. We also improved the links between key sections, such as market context, business model description, strategy and KPIs.

Bringing the strategy to life

We made use of iconography, diagrams and strong photographic stories to display complex concepts and communicate GSK’s purpose and vision in a clear and concise way.

Responsible Business Supplement  

The Responsible Business Supplement was closely aligned to the Annual Report. This year, in keeping with best practice in sustainability reporting, it was also far more concise.