HSS Hire Annual Report 2015

The 2015 HSS Hire Annual Report reassures shareholders that the business is on track by demonstrating the strength of HSS’s customer-focused strategy. We developed the business model which set out in clear terms the strategy for future growth and used the brand’s corporate voice to promote this strategy throughout the report.

Clear messaging

The report is straightforward and informative. This is reflected in its
design and clear messaging. The business model shows how HSS’s strategic enablers and priorities help deliver value.
HSS’s unique
 distribution network, designed to ensure equipment is
available for their customers whenever and wherever they need it, is also promoted throughout the report.

Turning strategy into action

A series of spreads shows how the
business delivers its key strategic
priorities in practice.


We developed a digital version of the report. This included a PDF
of the CSR Report, thus highlighting HSS’s commitment
to its wider responsibilities.