Majestic Wine Annual Report 2016

Majestic wanted to tell its shareholders about the transformative impact its purchase of Naked Wines has had. Friend used the Annual Report to develop a new brand for the PLC which reflected its new culture and personality and worked for all the underlying businesses. These new brand principles were then applied across Majestic’s wider corporate communications.

New look, focused message

The new brand is very different to the previous way that Majestic presented itself.  Both the new look and the content reinforce the fact that the business has been transformed.

Setting out the business

The introductory spread, which sets out the businesses, the new approach and the management team, establishes a more contemporary and engaging style.

 Establishing a genuine tone of voice

The copy – in particular the CEO’s report – played a crucial role in establishing a personal, accessible and genuine tone of voice which reflected the new management style.

Individual brand personality

The individual business brands still retain distinct identities, even though they are presented in a style which fits with the overall plc approach.

Wider corporate applications

The new look and feel is being rolled out across a wide range of applications. From the corporate elements on the website to analyst presentations, giving a strong sense of a new and revitalised Majestic plc.