Marks & Spencer Annual Report 2015

M&S is one of the UK’s best-known retailers. It has consistently delivered annual and sustainability reports that are considered to be examples of best practice reporting. We created a reporting suite that reflected changes in brand identity and the IIRC’s principles on integrated reporting. Both the Marks & Spencer Annual Report and Plan A have gone on to win several awards.

Brand evolution

The 2015 reporting suite documents are the first M&S investor communications to reflect the new M&S branding.

The “M&S Difference”

The business model provides a clear explanation of the capitals (resources and relationships) that M&S utilises, and shows how the “M&S Difference” turns these into returns.

Connected feel

Our new structure for M&S’s KPI spread improves clarity and makes it easier to link performance measurements to strategic and operational objectives, as well as showing how performance links to remuneration.

Strategic priorities

The annual report provides a clear explanation of M&S’s key strategic priorities, and how they are being delivered.

Plan A report

A revised Plan A structure allows sustainability audiences to navigate information more easily.

Online and video

A full and easily digestible online reporting suite provides an overview of the year’s performance, complemented by a succinct video.