Marks & Spencer Annual Report 2017

Over the past few years, M&S has reshaped and evolved its annual reporting in line with IIRC principles, while staying aligned with UK best-practice and its own ‘Plan A’ reports. This year, M&S offers more meaningful insight on several topics, and yet the report remains readable and accessible. The report was shortlisted for Integrated Report of the Year at the 2017 Responsible Business Awards.

Making every moment special

The look and feel of the report is completely in line with the evolution of M&S’ brand and customer proposition over the past year.

Staying connected

The content and design of the Plan A report complements the annual report, in which references to the Plan can frequently be found.

Value creation in action

These two case studies, structured around the components of M&S’ value chain, offer colourful and engaging insights into how the company really does business.

Focus on stakeholders

A highly visual approach is taken to explaining how M&S listens to and engages with different stakeholder groups, including shareholders, employees, customers and communities.

Explaining a new policy

In a year where M&S proposed a new remuneration policy, the highly visual ‘at a glance’ introduction connects strategy and executive reward, provides key information requested by shareholders and summarises changes to the policy.

Showcasing customer insights

M&S’ new strategy is all about listening to what customers want. That point is made loud and clear
in this section, where intriguing insights from the company’s Customer Insight Unit are discussed in depth.

Launching the strategy

CEO Steve Rowe used this year’s report to launch the company’s strategy. Discussed briefly last year, this report covers specific objectives, and the rationale for their inclusion, in considerably greater detail.

Online summary

An easily-digestible online summary of the report offers top-line insights into performance and strategy.

Animated case study

M&S were finalists in the Integrated Report of the Year category at the 2017 Responsible Business Awards. To illustrate how M&S are incorporating integrated thinking throughout their reporting, we’ve created a short animated case study looking at the annual report. Click on the image below to view the animation, or visit our Vimeo channel.