Marks & Spencer Plan A 2017

In 2017, to mark the tenth anniversary of the groundbreaking ‘Plan A’ sustainability initiative, M&S reflects both on how far it has come, and on how far there is still to go to make sure its operations are truly sustainable. For the second consecutive year, M&S’ Plan A reporting won two awards at the Corporate Register Reporting Awards, including Best Overall Global Sustainability Report.

Plan A, because there is no Plan B

The look and feel of the report is completely in line with the evolution of M&S’ brand and customer proposition over the past year.

Ever-increasing ambition

It was critical to set the Plan A journey in context, highlighting not just specific achievements, but also the different focus areas of the Plan that have provided energy and structure.

Digestible performance reporting

A highly visual performance summary explains progress made during the year, while highlighting alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Spoilt for choice

There are many fantastic stories available to illustrate the progress of Plan A – our job was to present the very best ones in a memorable, engaging format.

Strengthening integration

This year, the report connects the ‘resources and relationships’ defined in the integrated report to key Plan A commitments. The case studies featured in the annual report are also discussed in the context of the Plan.

Online summary

An easily-digestible online summary of the report offers top-line insights into key achievements and performance.

Clear commitment

It was important for the CEO to reaffirm M&S’ long-term commitment to Plan A and sustainability at the Plan’s ten-year mark, explaining clearly how it was aligned with the company’s new strategy.