Marks & Spencer Plan A 2016

Under a new CEO, M&S has pledged its long-term commitment to Plan A, its flagship sustainability programme, and is constantly seeking to improve the integration of sustainability throughout the business. In the 2016 reporting suite, we continued our award-winning approach, helping to meet integrated reporting principles in the Marks & Spencer Plan A Report and the Annual Report.

Focusing on the real impact M&S
makes in the world

The Plan A report is a companion to the Annual Report, with highlights from the year’s activities used to demonstrate M&S’s real world, every day impact. Friend helped M&S to continue to meet integrated reporting principles in the 2016 reporting suite by ensuring that connectivity in operations and performance are fully cross-referenced across both reports, whilst each report plays its own distinct role.

At the heart of M&S’s strategy

Providing continuity and clarity of purpose, M&S’s new CEO highlighted the importance of Plan A at the heart of M&S’s strategy and business model.

Long-term vision

Plan A echoes the message of the 2016 Annual Report: that, under new senior leadership, M&S continues to find sustainable solutions to the world’s challenges.

Making use of fully integrated
reporting principles

Integration across the two reports is used to demonstrate that sustainability is embedded at the heart of M&S’s commercial strategy.

2016 highlights

The report features M&S’s key achievements and highlights from the year.

Clear performance signposting

The report clearly sets out M&S’s progress across its four main sustainability categories.

Digestible performance reporting

Clear infographic signposting, progress against targets and use of imagery combine to create an accessible and digestible report.