Mizuho communications and offices

Mizuho is one of the world’s largest banks with a ‘high street’ profile in Asia. Friend developed the story and branding for their corporate and investment banking operations in EMEA. Inheriting the values of the Japanese bank, we created messaging and style to reinforce these core values internationally. Our work went on to receive a platinum accolade at the Hermes Creative Awards.


Brand development

Working closely with the Mizuho team we developed the EMEA brand to reinforce ‘OneMizuho’ values – based on Japanese principles and tailored for a mix of international audiences.

Brand-led office design

Our team conceived, created and installed new brand-led office designs at Mizuho’s London headquarters near St Paul’s.
This included OneMizuho values origami sculptures and posters, and furnishings, finishes and fittings in office spaces, meeting rooms and reception.

Office sculpture installations

Our development work included the creation of origami ‘sculpture’ installations supporting the OneMizuho brand values.

Telling the story

The OneMizuho EMEA story appears across printed and e-format publications, reinforcing the brand-values-led messaging.

Internal brand engagement

Posters, banners and communal area installations support the OneMizuho messaging and adopt the new brand values and style.