Pearson Annual Report 2014

Pearson is the world’s leading learning company. Our team has been working with Pearson for more than a decade, helping to unify its story and evolve its communication. In 2014 and 2015 we moved towards best practice in the Pearson Annual Report. Our work was highly commended in the Executive Remuneration reporting category at PWC’s Building Public Trust Awards.

Brand-led photography

The report’s cover builds on an evolved brand style and demonstrates its commitment to individual learning outcomes. Strong brand-led photography is used throughout.

Structural clarity

A strong focus on information hierarchy, linkages and cross-referencing ensures an easy and satisfying journey for the reader.

Clear strategy

Consolidating key performance measures in one spread, and linking them to strategy, enables swift analysis of Pearson’s performance.

CEO’s narrative

John Fallon’s statement draws together strategy and market investment rationale with a new business model and structure, laying foundations for future reporting.

Value creation

The prominence of Pearson’s new business model brings clarity to how value is created across every element of the business.


For the online report we created a ‘quick watch’ animation using key elements from the printed report. We delivered the full animation, including writing, editing and production.

Watch the animation here.