Pearson Annual Report 2015

Pearson has been transforming to become the world leader in the provision of education services. This radical transformation has taken time, and has impacted on short-term financial performance whilst the strategy is implemented. In the 2015 Pearson Annual Report, Friend helped Pearson progress towards best practice as a means of explaining its new strategy and value creation model with clarity.

Establishing the brand

Brand-led photography reinforces the focus of this year’s message: the delivery of improved learner outcomes. The front cover reflects this new brand, whilst messaging is ‘focused on delivery’.

An enhanced business model

We enhanced the business model, making a greater connection between value creation and the business strategy.

Linking efficacy to growth

Delivering measurable outcomes is a key part of Pearson’s strategy. This year, this was linked more clearly to core growth drivers, showing how it is being measured and how it informs product development.

Giving business values meaning

Culture as a driver of business performance is gaining greater attention from board rooms and from investors.  We created a clear explanation of what this means at Pearson and its impact on the business.

Increasing focus on sustainability

A review of sustainability practices across the organisation is underway.  To help manage shareholders’ expectations, the process and likely effect is set out in a clear and straight-forward way.

Read Pearson’s sustainability reporting story here.

12 months in 2 minutes

A simple, one-page online reporting centre provides highlights of the year, told through a succinct animation and a summarised story.

Watch the animation here.