The Book of Penguin

This is a book about books. A celebration of the format and its place in our culture. It is also a book about Penguin, its rich history, and its exciting future as it embraces the ever-growing opportunities in technology. The Book of Penguin was conceived by our team in partnership with Penguin’s communications team.

A book about books

Amid a bewildering array of new platforms and app launches, this traditional story about a much loved Penguin is told simply, in traditional book form.

A lively old bird

Brand-centred drawings playfully add character and illustrate the story throughout.

Full of surprises

Content variety and finishing offer surprises to the traditional book format throughout. The very hungry caterpillar is still very hungry, and Lady Chatterley still shocks new readers.

Simple chapter breaks

The illustrations continue the brand-centred theme, gently complementing the subject matter.