Vesuvius Annual Report 2015

Vesuvius is a leading industrial manufacturer listed on the FTSE 250. Operating in a sector traditionally associated with heavy industry processes, Vesuvius wanted to increase understanding about how it creates value for its customers and stakeholders. With this in mind, the 2015 Vesuvius Annual Report concentrates on how Vesuvius adds value through innovation and technical expertise.

Setting the tone

The front cover establishes the innovation theme and sets the tone for the report and wider communications.

Real people

Greater focus is placed on Vesuvius’ people, building and developing a communication style that is friendly
and personable.

Explaining the business

The use of updated technical drawings combines an explanation of the business with a demonstration of the products’ critical role in the steelmaking process.

Engaging case studies

Simple strategic narrative was supported by a series of case studies, showing the innovation strategy in action, and giving evidence of value to Vesuvius’ customers.

An image-based approach

Photographer, Samuel Dhote, travelled the world to capture the story of its business, activities and its people. This also enabled an update of the image library, available for broader applications.