Vesuvius Annual Report 2016

Vesuvius wanted to highlight to investors how its advanced engineering and innovative technology create sustainable value for its stakeholders. In the 2016 Annual Report, we built on the strengths of the company’s previous reports to clarify its messaging, introduced elements of integrated reporting and placed greater emphasis on the business’ expertise and innovation.


Focusing on value creation

Bespoke global photography reinforces the message that Vesuvius’ innovation and technical expertise create value for its stakeholders.

Throughout the report, through technical drawings and specially commissioned on-site photography, we were able to present the breadth and sophistication of Vesuvius’ operations, whilst demonstrating the inherent value in their customer offering.

Real people

Greater focus is placed on Vesuvius’ people, capturing the story of the business.

A model for growth

In line with integrated reporting principles, key resources and outputs are featured within the business model description.

Improving the flow of the report

Case studies and key messages were interspersed throughout the reporting narrative, providing different levels of detail for readers.