Vesuvius Annual Report 2014

Vesuvius is a global leader in molten metal flow engineering. Its products play a critical role in ensuring quality and efficiency in the steel and foundry industries. We created the 2014 Vesuvius Annual Report, clarifying the business’s value-add story.

Confronting preconceptions

We developed a design look and feel that captured the innovation, technology and expertise that Vesuvius brings to a large scale traditional industrial process.

Embedding the brand

All elements of the report, including illustrations and photography, build on Vesuvius’s brand style, creating a clean, simple report that conveys controlled efficiency.

The value of case studies

We worked closely with the Vesuvius team to develop case studies that explained their strategy and activities. These were used to show real results and tangible impact, and to demonstrate the breadth of the business.

Illustrating the complex

We looked at customer processes in detail, in order to create accurate illustrations that clearly show where Vesuvius products are used in steel production and foundry processes.