London Symphony Orchestra communications

The London Symphony Orchestra performs over 120 concerts every year. Friend was asked to develop a suite of consumer-facing literature in order to assist the LSO in promoting its year of events. In order to do this, a celebratory tone was adopted throughout, and we used dynamic visuals to draw on the orchestra’s rich history and celebrate the stories of the individuals who make up the LSO.

A personal point of view 

To convey the reason behind the LSO’s passion and to inspire readers, we visualised the emotional effect of music
on its members. In order to bring a personal touch to the literature, we commissioned portraits of the orchestra’s members and combined these with illustrations bringing to life their emotions and achievements.

An orchestra defined by its members

The guide features group photographs of long-standing members from every section of the orchestra, bringing these artists into the spotlight and conveying the sense of collaboration at the heart of the LSO.

An informative document 

Strong linking infographic devices were used throughout the guide to highlight key information.

LSO St. Luke’s  

As well as producing the LSO Season Guide, we produced brochures for the UBS and LSO Music Education Centre at LSO St. Luke’s, a renovated venue which functions as an education centre for music. Designed to appeal to a broader audience than the Season Guide, this separate document uses bright colours and bold shapes to convey the fun and inclusive atmosphere of the centre.