Marks & Spencer Annual Report 2016

M&S is one of the UK’s best-known multi-channel retailers. It is regarded as a leading financial and sustainability reporter and was a member of the IIRC pilot programme. The Marks & Spencer Annual Report went on to win in the Excellence in Reporting category at PwC’s Building Public Trust Awards 2016.

Focusing on customers

Under a new CEO, M&S introduced a ‘back to basics’ approach across all its comms and branding, with messaging that reflects an increased focus on customers.


M&S has committed to progressing towards more integrated reporting. This required increased connectivity across explanations of marketplace, strategy, risk, governance and performance in the report.

Aligning KPIs

KPIs are more clearly aligned to objectives, strategy and remuneration, and additional pages are added to help make this complex mix of performance data more reader-friendly.

The “M&S Difference”

The business model clearly explains how, through its activities, its resources and relationships are transformed into value.

Connected value

Richer information that supports the business model demonstrates the connectivity across M&S’s value chain, detailing interdependencies across all parts of M&S activities. This also helps to integrate the different reporting components together in one place.

Increased clarity 

The structure and signposting was improved and the report features simple information design to make the content more digestible.

Plan A Report

Building on the established integration across M&S’s reporting suite, the content and design of the Plan A Report complements the Annual Report.

Online and video

An easily digestible online reporting centre provides an overview of the year’s performance, full reporting downloads and a summary strategy video.