Pearson Annual Report 2016

Pearson has been reshaping its business in order to become a pure-play education specialist. To maintain investors’ support, the firm needed to demonstrate the long-term opportunities presented by the education market. The 2016 Pearson Annual Report required a focus on strategy and a more connected narrative on the plan for this period of continued growth and change.

Animated progress report

We produced an animation to illustrate Pearson’s progress in 2016, which featured on the online report we created within Pearson’s corporate site.

Watch the animation here.

Mapping out the new shape of the business

The annual report focused on Pearson’s long-term strategy, and presented investors with a clear picture of the new shape of the business.

One coherent narrative

Pearson’s KPIs and strategic growth drivers were integrated throughout the report. All KPIs were presented in summary on a double-page spread, while individual KPIs were described in detail alongside key messages, such as the Chairman’s introduction.

An enhanced business model

The business model was adjusted to include inputs and outcomes, in line with integrated reporting principles. We also linked Pearson’s three strategic growth drivers to the business model.

A more informative report

We worked with the Pearson team to make the governance section more accessible, using case studies to bring it to life and presenting a clear overview of each committee’s responsibilities.

Articulating a strategy for sustainable value

We devoted a double-page spread to each of Pearson’s three strategic growth drivers and discussed the purpose, progress and priorities of each.