Pearson sustainability reporting 2015

Pearson, a world-leading education company, recently reviewed its long-term sustainability plan and is reshaping its business to meet global education market needs and opportunities and contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The 2015 Pearson Sustainability Report details the new plan and Pearson’s vision for further impact, measurement and improvement.


Redefining sustainability

The front cover announces the change in Pearson’s approach to sustainability, links it to Pearson’s transformation programme, and demonstrates how it directly impacts peoples’ lives.

Creating the plan  

In order to explain the areas where its business can create the greatest value, Pearson reviewed its value creation model, assessing its approach to sustainability within the wider context of its reporting.

Digital reporting  

As part of Pearson’s sustainability communications planning, we are developing a more dynamic user-led sustainability website.

Moving towards best practice

With a commitment to key operational and reporting benchmarks (IIRC and GRIG4), Pearson has set out its plans to move towards best practice reporting.

Strategic alignment  

At the heart of Pearson’s strategy is the measurement of its impact on learners and their lives, as well as the wider impact on society. This ongoing commitment is reflected in the new sustainability report.

Reimagining sustainability at Pearson 

Following a twelve month programme of consultation and engagement, including participation with UN SDGs, Pearson announced its new sustainability plan.